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Comprehensive IT services and solutions for small to large companies


Our IT consultant will assess your business requirements and assist in the implementation of your strategic set-up or changes to your IT systems.

We provide system analysis, solution review, strategy consulting, architecture, disaster recovery planning, implementation reviews, including development and testing, alignment IT systems to best practice(s), process engineering, software specification, testing and trustworthy general advice.

Have peace of mind in knowing that our team is your reliable resources at your disposal.

IT Support

Running an IT department is costly and the challenges involved in managing staff, ensuring they are trained and keeping staff feeling relevant can be costly and a strain on to your organisation.

Let us take the burden away by providing trained and engaged staff to help your existing IT team achieve their goals as part of an extended support team.

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Disaster Recovery

We can provide assistance in mapping out your requirements, designing, implementing and testing the most intelligent solution for your organisation.
Protecting applications against disasters has never been more critical even if you are 100% cloud-based. Hosted and cloud-based disaster recovery models minimise downtime and increase productivity.



Datacentres are still a viable and popular option. They are used to free up space in your building, reduce costs, reduce risk and improve security.

Move your systems to a more secure, cost-effective facility, or by migrating your workloads to the cloud to provide high availability and redundancy for your IT systems.

We’ve seen it all and can provide project services as well as infrastructure engineers to assist or complete the migration works for you.



Managed Backup Services

There is a range of backup technologies and methodologies such as de-duplication, cloud storage, disk-based backups and replication.

Talk to us today so we can understand your needs and provide you with guidance or work towards a solution that suits your business.

Managed Infrastructure

We provide the expertise to manage your entire virtual environment and manage all upgrades to the hypervisor, and infrastructure linked to the hypervisor.


IT Procurement

Our IT procurement service includes Hardware acquisition, leasing of hardware and software as well as life cycle management services and Software licensing support.

Cloud Migration

We can assist you with your cloud migration projects or plans to any cloud provider of your choice which includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud for your infrastructure needs.

IT Managed Services

The centrepiece of our business is to provide all your IT Support requirements for your business or form part of your IT team to fill skill gaps in knowledge in products such as VMWare, and Citrix to achieve your goals and assist with implementing your business strategy.

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Managed Help Desk

Let us take the burden away of finding good quality service desk staff as we provide adequately trained and engaged staff to help you give your end users happy. We are here to provide quality first and second level IT Support services.

Citrix Support

We provide Citrix support services including full managed Citrix environments, hybrid Citrix Cloud deployments or full Citrix cloud deployments including migration.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

We supply you with a device setup ready to use in your environment encorporating Backup and DR capabilities. If the device is unavailable we can bring your environment up in the provided cloud until your
infrastructure is back up and running.

Contact us today to discuss the options available.

Security Operations Centre

We provide the capability to monitor and detect potential security incidents using AI technology to review system logs and detect patterns. We can do this for on premises, data centre or cloud infrastructure as required.

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Google Workspaces

We can migrate your business to Google Workspaces, assist you with maintenance or support and even provide you with training to you can manage it yourself and call on us if you get stuck. We also have solutions to backup your Emails.

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that your data is recoverable when you need it most.


Microsoft 365

We can migrate you to Microsoft 365, assist you with maintenance or support and even provide you with training to you can manage it yourself and call on us if you get stuck. We also have solutions to backup your services such as Emails, OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

Talk to us today so that you have piece of mind that your data is backed up, safe and secure.

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