In the current environment where we are faced with working from home it’s a good time to reflect on your IT systems capacity, capabilities and security. It’s also a good time to reflect on what it means to have to go into the office everyday and for some realising the benefits of working from home and for the management a comfort that staff are capable of working at home and producing the same if not more output.

This outcome can only be possible with the right solutions in place, the right planning and also the correct security measures as well. Working remotely has a higher risk to the company and the data that is being accessed by the employees with phishing emails and other malware the most imminent causes for concern.

The other overlooked factor is the end user connectivity setup which for some home users will be as secure as open public WiFi and can leave your business’ network pretty exposed at that point being that the home user is connected securely via a VPN.

There are alternatives available ranging from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) hosted by the likes of Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and others. It’s a good time to start investing in these technologies to enable flexibility, security and lower overhead costs in the long run.

Connecting to and using a VDI does not require expensive end user compute hardware to achieve high performance however you are now relying on the network and internet connection which can cause the same symptoms causing you to mimic computer performance issues.

As with anything there are many options and solutions that can be implemented it dictated by time and your budget in the end.

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